Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose complete asbestos?

The specialist team has over 30 years' experience within the industry where we carry out the safe asbestos removal at cost effective prices.

What paperwork will I receive?

All works are carried out following plan of works and risk assessments; these can be sent over if you wish to have a copy. Upon completion of the asbestos removal works a waste consignment note will be issued. All paper work can be sent electronically or posted.

How much notice do I need to give to book you in?

Complete asbestos typically only need a few days' notice to get you booked in and can be fairly flexible to get you booked in on any urgent jobs you may have.

Will my house contain asbestos?

Any property built or refurbished before 1999 can contain asbestos therefore you would require an asbestos survey carrying out. Asbestos is commonly found in floor tiles, garage roofs and artex but many more products are found within residential properties.

How much does asbestos removal cost?

The cost is based on each project. Complete asbestos offer a price match on any genuine quote and can get you booked in very quickly if required. You can get a free quotation carried out here.

Do I need to remove asbestos?

The answer depends on different factors, the type of asbestos, the location and the condition of the asbestos. In lots of scenarios the asbestos can be encapsulated (Painted or sealed) which makes the asbestos safe. Get in touch with complete asbestos and we can give you some cost effective options.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring minerals mined and turned into products. The asbestos are split into 2 groups Amphibole and Serpentine. The 3 most common asbestos in the uk is Chrysotile (White Asbestos) is the most common type of Asbestos. Chrysotile is the only asbestos mineral in the Serpentine family. Amosite (Brown Asbestos), Crocidolite (Blue Asbestos), Anthophyllite, Actinolite and Tremolite are all Amphibole asbestos types.

What are the health risks with asbestos?

When asbestos materials are disturbed fibres are released. When these fibres are inhaled they can cause serious diseases. These diseases will not affect you immediately. They often take a long time to develop. These include mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening.

Does artex contain asbestos?

Yes artex or also known as textured coating can contain asbestos within walls and ceilings. These can contain asbestos right up until the year 2000. The artex needs to be sampled (Link to sampling page) to determine if asbestos is present.

Can I remove asbestos myself?

You can remove asbestos in your own home but the question is why would you risk it? If you aren't the homeowner or have trades working in your building then you cannot remove asbestos. Complete asbestos advise everyone to use asbestos removal experts like ourselves.

How much does it cost to remove an asbestos cement shed?

The cost is based on the size and access. Complete asbestos offer a price match on any genuine quote and can get you booked in very quickly if required. You can get a free quotation carried out here.

What areas do complete asbestos cover?

Complete asbestos company based in West Yorkshire we predominately cover Yorkshire but have many clients who require nationwide coverage which we provide.

Can I sample asbestos myself?

Lots of companies offer asbestos sampling kits but we like the HSE don't endorse these. Why would you encourage anyone in sampling asbestos without any training? Get in touch and we can arrange material samples to be taken and tested for asbestos.

What services do complete asbestos offer?

Complete asbestos services include non-licensed asbestos removal, surveys and sampling, please visit our services page for details on all our services.

Where could asbestos be located in my property?

Asbestos can be located in any surface in any room of your property. Used in thousands of various products mean it can be found anywhere. This makes the importance of an asbestos survey critical to prevent exposure.